Our Services

P & W Painting Contractors Inc. is the largest, mobile sandblasting and painting company within a 140 mile radius of Toledo. We have the ability to provide services from common structures to intricate tank linings.

Abrasive Blasting

Blast media available to suit your needs.

    • Black Beauty
    • Aluminum Oxide
    • Glass Bead
    • Walnut Shell
    • Corn Cobb
    • Baking Soda
    • Crushed Glass (cullet)
    • Garnet
    • Steel Shot
    • Steel Grit

    Portable Dust Collectors are available for field service.

    Wet Blasting

    When field conditions warrant wet blasting services are available.

    Painting Services

    We specialize in special coatings, fiberglass lining, marine coatings and industrial painting.

    Tank Linings

    We are qualified to apply various tank linings:

      • Epoxy
      • Epoxy Phenolic
      • Epoxy Novalac
      • Coal Tar
      • Vinyl Ester - Flake Filled
      • Vinyl Ester - Fiber Reinforced (FRP / Fiberglass Lining)

      Interior & Exterior Tank Coatings

      We are qualified to apply various tank linings to fit your environmental conditions.

      • Alkyd Systems
      • Zinc Epoxy
      • Urethane Systems

        Marine Coatings

        Interior and exterior of marine hulls, ballast tank, cargo holds and fuel bunkers.

        Force Curing

        If services require force cure heating services are available by use of up to six Indirect fired units with 770,000 BTU's. These services are available in the field or on location at our shop. We are capable of supplying our own power with generators.

        Painting Services

        We are capable of applying your logo or installing a pre-fabricated one.

        Transportation/Trucking Services

        To cut down on turnaround time trucking services are available for structures, some oversized transporting is available.

        • Straight Trucks
        • Semi-Truck with flatbad, single drop, or double drop

          Shop Services Available

          All field services can be performed in our shop located at 3031 Front St., Toledo, OH 43605. On site we have a 300 horse power 100,000 SCFM dust collector.

          On site there is a 80' x 240' Sandblasting/Painting Shop, with a 40' wide x 28.5' high doorway.

          Lifting Abilities

          • 70' span 15 ton overhead crane with 24' underhook
          • 25 ton rough terrain crane
          • 20,000 lb articulating forklift
          • 6,000 lb rough terrain forklift
          • 4,000 lb forklift
          • Back Hoe Loader
          • Skid Steer Loader